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Constructed Climates: A Primer on Urban Environments

These pages use to supplement my nearly published book, "Constructed Climates: A Primer on Urban Environments," now scheduled for Spring 2011 publication by The University of Chicago Press. It provides an empirical introduction to an increasingly important topic -- urban environments -- with lots of quantitative, graphical information. My hope is that the book's approach and level are within reach of motivated non-science majors and generally interested public, but I certainly envision the book being useful for environmental science and policy majors. I use it as a textbook for an urban ecology course within my Biology department. It covers a broad range of topics over several scientific disciplines. There's also an extensive collection of citations to the primary scientific literature, along with extensive endnotes. Pages you find here are outdated, and you'll find more up-to-date information at the book's site, Here is a Table of Contents: WGWTOC.pdf.

At this website I have some information from earlier incarnations of the course and book. IT IS COMPLETELY OUTDATED: SEE THE BOOK WEBSITE. Also, you can find more information in my Ecosystem Services Course site from several years ago, and my Durham Open Space and Trails (DOST) site. I'm best reached through email: wgw_at_duke_dot_edu.