Spring 2006 Bio 295S.74 Ecosystem Services and Urban Ecology
Course Information:

This site holds information regarding an ecosystem services course I held once quite some time ago, but still holds useful links and papers. Another couple of sites are more up-to-date, my undergrad course site here and the web site of my new book, Constructed Climates: A Primer on Urban Environments, at www.ConstructedClimates.org.

Course stuff:
  • Syllabus.pdf Course syllabus.

  • Following is a collection of the most important papers I found that I think we should cover in class, or use as entry points to different topics. (3/2009: Actually, this list summarizes my thinking from Fall 2006/Spring 2007 when I first got into this topic. My urban trees site, linked above, holds more current ideas):
  • CarsonEtal2001.pdf R.T. Carson, N.E. Flores, N.F. Meade. 2001. Contingent Valuation: Controversies and Evidence. Environmental and Resource Economics 19173-210.

  • CostanzaEtal1997.pdf Costanza, R, d'Arge, R., deGroot, R., Farber, S., Grasso, M., Hannon, B., Limburg, K., Naeem, S., O'Neill, RV., Paruelo, J., Raskin, RG., Sutton, P., van den Belt, M. 1997. The value of the world's ecosystem services and natural capital. Nature 387: 253-260.

  • Costanza1997MasterWorksheet.xls Supplementary Information to Costanza etal 1997: Excel Spreadsheet (courtesy of Bob Costanza).

  • Costanza1997NotesTable2.doc Supplementary Information to Costanza etal 1997: Notes on Table 2 (courtesy of Bob Costanza).

  • DonnellyMarzluff2006.pdf R. Donnelly and J.M. Marzluff. 2006. Relative importance of habitat quantity, structure, and spatial pattern to birds in urbanizing environments. Urban Ecosystems 9:99-117

  • EPAGuidelines1983.pdf EPA guidelines 1983.

  • EPAGuidelines2000.pdf EPA guidelines 2000.

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  • RojstaczerEtal2001refs.txt Rojstaczer etal 2001 reference list.

  • Rojstaczerweb2.xlsRojstaczer etal 2001 spreadsheet.

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  • Other documents of potential interest:
  • AlbertiEtal2003.pdf M. Alberti, J.M. Marzluff, E. Shulenberger, G. Bradley, C. Ryan, and C. Zumbrunnen. 2003. Integrating Humans into Ecology: Opportunities and Challenges for Studying Urban Ecosystems. Bioscience 53:1169-1179.

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