Current Members
Amy Schmid
Principal Investigator
(919) 613 4464
Cindy Darnell
Postdoctoral Associate
My work focuses on regulatory networks used by halophilic archaea to regulate growth during extreme oxidative stress.
Mar Martinez-Pastor
Postdoctoral Associate
I focus on four different species of haloarchaea to describe how the biological machinery involved in the adaptation to iron starvation is conserved.
Peter Tonner
Graduate Student
My project involves statistical modeling of microbial growth and gene regulatory networks using methods such as Gaussian Processes.
Jake Herb
Undergraduate Student
I am interested in understanding how central metabolic pathways are regulated in hypersaline archaea.
Ryan Bertoli
Undergraduate Student
In my work, I focus on how archaeal cells grow and divide.
Ryan Bertoli
Graduate Student
I study the function of histone proteins in archaea to investigate the evolution of epigenetics.
Angie Vreugdenhil
Associate in Research
I conduct experiments relevant across lab projects, with a current focus on the regulation of metabolism.

Former Lab Members
Callan Corcoran, Business technology analyst, Deloitte
Keely Dulmage, BD Biosciences
Horia Todor, Postdoc, Gross lab, Dept. of Microbiology and Immunology, UCSF
Kriti Sharma, Graduate Student, Shank lab, Biology Department, UNC
Mimi Mao, Medical Student, Duke University Medical School
Jordan Gulli, Graduate Student, Biology Department, Georgia Tech
Nicholas Gillum