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For 8 January:

        The Hardy-Weinberg Law (HW1)

        Multiple Locus Hardy-Weinberg Law (HW2)

        Linkage Disequilibrium (LD1)

For 15 January:

            Assortative Mating (AM1)

       Gene and Genotype Frequencies under Mixed Mating (MM1)

       Quantitative Properties of Genetic Drift (GD1)

 For 20 January:

       The Wright-Fisher Model (WF1)

                    NOTE:  There is a mistake in this handout.  On p. 2, point h, the denominator
                                    of the right-hand side of the equation should be j! (2N-j)!  .

       Expected Equilibrium Morph Frequences for Tristyly (TS1)

                  NOTE:  As of 24 January 2001, this handout has been updated to correct a mistake.

 For 22 January:

       Changes in Gene Frequency Due to Natural Selection (NS1)

 For 27 January:

       Interactions of Selection, Mutation, and Migration (NS3)

       Calculation of Relative Fitnesses in Population Cage Experiments (NS2)

 For 29 January:

       Selection on Two Loci:  Basic Theory (NS4)

       Two-Locus Symmetric Model (TL1)

       Calculating Relative Viabilities of Two Genotypes (NS5)

 For 12 February:

            Spatial Variation and the Maintenance of Genetic Variation (SV1)

 For 17 February:

       Detecting Frequency dependence: de Wit Experiments (DW1)

       Criterion for Protected Polymorphism Under Frequency Dependence (FD1)

For 24 February:

       Ka/Ks Ratios (KAKS)

For 2 March:

          Coalescence Theory (C1)

For 4 March:

      HKA Test for Balanced Polymorphism  (HKA)

        Derivation of MacDonald-Kreitman Test from Coalescence Theory(MK1)

For 1 April:

            Relationship between Genes and Va

For 6 April:

            Heritability and Parent-Offspring Regression

For 13 April:

            Evolution of Correlated Characters

            Lande's Equation

For 15 April:

            Brain size-Body size Evolution

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