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8/10/15: Politicians with deep voices rouse 'caveman instincts' in voters – IB Times
8/7/15: 'Caveman instincts' may favor deep-voiced politicians – Science Daily
1/12/15: Sparrows Don't Just Sing Same Old Song – NY Times
1/13/15: Swamp sparrows hear bird songs in a similar tune to humans – Wildlife Society
1/5/15: Humans, Sparrows Make Sense of Sounds in Similar Ways – Duke Today
5/29/14: Women Get Punished More Than Men for a Common Speech Mannerism – NY Magazine
5/29/14: Vocal Fry May Hurt Women's Job Prospects – The Atlantic
5/9/14: Irene Liu wins student mentoring award – Duke Today main article
2/18/14: Does tone speak louder than words? – Duke Today
2/14/14: Is finding love online easier if you're rich? –
5/22/13: Bird playlists communicate intelligence to mates – WIRED.CO.UK
5/21/13: Bird's Playlist Could Signal Mental Strengths and Weaknesses – Duke Today
2/4/13: Angry Birds? "Shy" Sparrows Show Aggression With Wings – National Geographic
2/3/13: Duke's Steve Nowicki finds out what songbirds have to say – News & Observer
1/28/13: Real Angry Birds Flip 'The Bird' Before A Fight – Duke Today
1/15/13: Low Pitch – WUNC "The State of Things" interview w/Rindy & Casey
12/14/12: Deeper Voice Still Wins – Duke Research Blog
12/13/12: Deeper-Voiced Women Have Election Advantage – Scientific American podcast
6/28/12: Songbirds Prefer HiFi Recordings – News & Observer
6/24/12: Swamp Sparrows Learn the Songs They Hear Best – ABA blog
6/19/12: Noisy Environment Makes Young Songbirds Shuffle Their Tunes – Duke Today
6/19/12: Noisy Environment Makes Young Songbirds Shuffle Their Tunes – ScienceDaily
3/13/12: Voters Prefer Candidates With a Deeper Voice – BBC
3/13/12: Voters Favor Deep-Voiced Politicians – Duke Today
3/4/12: Bird-Brained – Duke Magazine
1/18/08: Mirror Neurons May Help Songbirds Stay in Tune – Science Magazine
11/10/06: An Honest and Deceitful Review – Science Magazine [book review]
6/14/06: Discriminating Customers, Honest Salesmen – Trends in Ecology & Evolution
3/22/04: The Music of Wild Birds (mp3) – NPR "All Things Considered"
1/31/03: Singing in the Brain – Science Magazine
12/1/02: Female Song Sparrows Prefer Males That Learn Well – Bioscience
9/21/02: Interview with Susan Peters – CBC "Quirks and Quarks"


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