Magwene Lab


Welcome to the Magwene lab. Our lab is part of the Department of Biology at Duke University. Research in the Magwene lab focuses on the following areas:

Evolutionary Genomics

Genomic research in our lab is focused on characterizing genetic variation within and between species and exploring the consequences of that variation in terms of genetic networks and cellular phenotypes.

Systems Biology

We are interested in how cells integrate signals from their external environment with information about their own internal state in order to make cellular decisions. We are using both experimental and mathematical approaches to tackle these problems. Our primary model system is the budding yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae, as well as other hemiascomycete fungi.

Computational Biology

Computational and bioinformatics research in the Magwene lab is focused on developing analytical and algorithmic approaches for addressing problems in systems biology and evolutionary biology. Current projects focus on estimating genetic regulatory networks from high-throughput data and integrating information about gene networks into quantitative genetic models.