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Graduate Students in the Cunningham Lab

Mimi Lin - Reconstructing ancestral states under ecological models of phenotypic evolution using the OU method
(co-advised with Katia Koelle)

Former Members of the Cunningham Lab

Kyle Dexter - Testing Hubbell's neutral theory using comparative phylogeography of tropical trees

Kathryn Perez - Speciation and Conservation genetics in land snails

Cynthia Riginos - Molecular evolution and speciation: University of Queensland, Australia

Christy Henzler - Phylogeography and evolution of North Atlantic amphipods

Alberto Lindner - Phylogeny, taxonomy and evolution of the hydrocoral family Stylasteridae

MariaPia Miglietta - Phylogeny, taxonomy and evolutionary ecology of the hydroid family Hydractiniidae

Mike Hickerson - Coalescent phylogeography: Queens College, NY

Kirk Zigler - Sewanee, the University of the South, TN

Todd Oakley - Evolution of development: UC Santa Barbara, CA

John Wares - University of Georgia, GA