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Blanka Shaw  


Blanka Shaw (Buryova)

Herbarium Data Manager, blanka(at)duke.edu


Ph.D. Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic 2004


Born in the Czech Republic, studying eight years in Botany Department of Charles University, Prague, and working eight years as bryologist in the Institute of Botany ASCR in Pruhonice near Prague. I came to Durham, NC, in 2004. Since October 2004, I am working as data manager in Duke Cryptogamic Herbarium, where I maintain data bases of bryophytes, lichens, fungi and algae, and oversee a databasing project of US bryophytes. I am participating on 'Sphagnum of Alaska' project sponsored by National Geographic Society, and on Liverwort Tree of Life project. Recently I've been collaborating with Matt von Konrat (Field Museum Chicago) on liverwort floristic and systematic research projects. I have extensive field experience in temperate and boreal regions of Europe and North America, with focus mainly on mosses and liverworts.


I am interested in bryophyte diversity of montane, alpine and wetland ecosystems. My research in systematics of bryophytes focuses on moss genera Sphagnum and Philonotis, and liverwort genus Frullania.

Publications in English:

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