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What is Desertification?

Drylands Development
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ARIDnet: A Research Network for Studies of Global Desertification


ARIDnet is Research Coordination Network (funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation). Our goal is to provide leadership for developing and testing a new synthetic paradigm for desertification. This paradigm, which we call the Drylands Development Paradigm, is based on the simultaneous roles of the meteorological and ecological dimensions of desertification (the biophysical factors) and the human dimensions of desertification (the socio-economic factors).

Planned activities:

  • to conduct workshops to debate the Drylands Development Paradigm (DDP)
  • to formulate working groups to develop comparative case studies to test the DDP;
  • to conduct a quantitative synthesis of what matters in land degradation, when and where it matters, and why;
  • to recruit new researchers and stakeholders into ARIDnet so a broad-based and useful approach to land degradation and development problems can be explored

Anticipated impact:

Arguments surrounding the topic of desertification create confusion in policy and management programs intended to help many of the world’s poorest people. Hence, there is an urgent need for new, interdisciplinary approaches for addressing this global problem. ARIDnet will provide the leadership to support on-going international discussions and strengthen recruitment of researchers, including undergraduate students, to study the principles, criteria, and policies related to global desertification, especially as outlined under the UN Convention to Combat Desertification.