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Susan Alberts

Susan Alberts (

Susan is the head of the lab. Learn more about her research interests and publications, or download her CV.

Laurence Gesquiere

Laurence Gesquiere (

Laurence is a senior research scientist in the lab. She manages the hormone research and runs the hormone lab. Her research centers on projects in behavioral endocrinology and behavioral ecology largely focused on the wild baboon population of Amboseli. Her ongoing research includes patterns of 'cross-sex' hormones: estrogen in male and testosterone in female baboons, and age-related changes in baboon physiology.

Mathias Franz

Mathias Franz (

Mathias is a postdoc in the Alberts lab. He is broadly interested in dynamics and evolution of social behaviors. His current research focuses on temporal dynamics of social networks in female baboons. This includes the development of new statistical methods and analyses of behavioral long-term data from Amboseli.

Mercy Akinyi

Mercy Akinyi (

Mercy is a PhD student in the lab. Her research interests are geared to the understanding of the relationship between the environmental factors and genetic mechanisms that affect animal behavior and welfare (including risk to predisposition to disease), particularly for non-human primates in their natural environment and in captivity.

Amanda Lea

Amanda Lea (

Amanda is a Ph.D. student in the University Program in Ecology. She is interested in the impact of early life environment (both social and ecological) on behavior throughout the life course, as well as the molecular processes that mediate such long lasting effects. Amanda is co-advised by Susan Alberts and Jenny Tung.

Jake Gordon

Jacob Gordon (

Jake is a lab technician. He is responsible for most of the genetics work in the lab, mainly related to analyses of paternity and genetic hybridity. He also maintains records in BABASE of all the lab's archives of baboon tissues, DNA, and RNA.


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